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Our testimonials

A combination of Petra's loving thoughts and magical stories expresed by her lovely voice and Dorien's touching cinematic music creates a precious moving, emocional experience to the core. Especialy the new course Have no Fear and a it's visualisation called Fear of not having enough is a pretty much intensive - making the shivers within my body repetitively... Such a precious combination of their gifts! Soul experience. I'm grateful that our life paths have crossed.

Veni View photography, Slovakia

Magnificent. I was in tears by the end. One I will revisit again when I need fresh courage to keep walking the path. Thank you.

Philippa, Australia

Lovely, meditative journey like no other. I look forward to exploring the benefits of this meditation further. It’s as if this meditation is the one I’ve been meditating toward but didn’t know it until now. Thank you for sharing your vision.

Vicki, San Diego

I felt everything your beautiful words guided me to. Thank you! I hope you are able to create more meditations, because you are very talented 🌅☮💫🕉🦋🌴🍃🐇

Kristina, Montenegro

Wow, this was the most powerful one yet for me. Love this, love the music, loved everything. I cried with emotion. This one was special, because my dad showed up in this meditation. Before I got to the tree I was running and he just appeared and we hugged for so long. The animal at the end was my dog that I had as a kid and I played with him by the tree and before meditation ended I embraced my dad again. Thank you so much for this.

Greg, United States

The most inspiring and magical voice she has, accompanied with powerful messages tied into the natural ecosystem of our universe. She helps you tap into the bliss of being and guides you to discover your intrinsic self through imagery of Mother Nature. I could listen to this every day!!

Tee Wynn

This was truly incredible and deeply moving for me. I am wrapped in so much gratitude for this experience. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ♥️

Sarah, South Korea

One of the best meditations I’ve ever done. I will return to this again. The sound of her voice and the music, it’s all perfect. The meditation is incredible. Highly recommend to anyone, especially those embarking on a new journey.

Sally, Texas

Thank you for a peaceful journey in the forest! The music and your voice are perfectly matched.

Kul, Vietnam

Tears for me too. Love your approach to manifesting, with the feeling you seek being more important than the specific circumstances. Thank you. I’ll return to this.

Deborah, Maine

Absolutely beautiful. The perfect voice and music for this. Gorgeous script and visualizations. I love it.​

Laura, Canada

This is the best meditation I've ever experienced in my life! The music is nothing short of perfect and the visuals are stunning. Highly recommend everyone try this one out!

Bryson Wilkins

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