Enjoy our monthly talk and guided meditation on a topic close to our hearts.  

December 2020 – True Forgiveness

There is not a single human being that is more important than us on this planet and there is not a single human being that is more important than we are. Therefore true forgiveness forgives both sides and holds a higher perspective on the whole situation. Higher perspective brings peace and love into our hearts confirming the oneness of all humanity. In the guided meditation, we will be going deep into the forest where with the help of the wise owl the heaviness of not forgiving energy will melt on a ground like a first snowflake.

January 2021 – Manifest Your Dream

It is a perfect time to set your intentions for 2021 and open your heart for the manifestation process. Through the guided meditation we will open the gates to your heart so all that you wish for can come to fruition.

February 2021 – The Love of Your Life is Here – Soulmates Journey

Not only the Valentine is a perfect day for manifesting your soulmate and learning about true love. Enjoy this podcast with a beautiful music and join us on a journey to love like never before. 

March 2021 – Heavenly Body Detox

Enjoy deeply healing body detox in a beautiful atmosphere of magical clouds. You will be 

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