Affirmations for Self Love Script

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We could all use a bit more self love. Loving ourselves more comes in circles. When you close one circle after a certain period a new circle opens to show you how you can expand your self love. If you are feeling self love is something you want to master, please read the guided affirmations in my blog post. Below you find audio, if that is what you prefer.

Affirmations for Selflove


Dear beautiful soul,


Thank you for listening to these encouraging affirmations. Affirmations are a way of declaring and claiming your new reality. They are a wonderful tool to use after healing and overcoming our old beliefs. The world, our body, our mind can truly reflect our perceptions. Therefore, by changing our views, we can change who we are. I like to say that we are just becoming who we were always meant to be.


Find a comfortable place, close your eyes and either repeat the affirmations in your mind, vocalize them or even sing them. Whatever feels like the best approach for you today.



The most intimate, truest and deepest love we can experience is the love we have for ourselves. Through loving ourselves, we love the universe.



And if for any reason you feel that a particular affirmation is challenging to you, don’t worry. It is merely an invitation for you to look deeper and heal.


Let’s start.

I love myself.

The love I feel for myself is unconditional.

My amazing body supports me throughout my life.

I am proud of my body.

Through my body, I can experience the world; I can experience self-love and love for every living being. I love who I am and the person I’m becoming.


In every decision I make, I account for myself first.

I am at peace.


I treat myself with care every day in the best possible way.


I smile at myself every day when I look in the mirror.



I put myself first because only then can I truly give to others.

No one else can dictate how I feel about myself.


I love myself unconditionally



I know that true love is the love I have for myself.


My emotions guide me towards healing for my whole being.


I listen.


It is safe and valuable to listen to myself.

No matter what emotions arise within me, I listen with tranquility.


It is safe and perfect to be myself.


My thoughts reflect my self love.

My actions reflect my self love.

I am kind to myself.


I am the miracle.


Through loving myself, I love the world.

My heart is my guiding voice.


I am perfect as I am at this very moment.



Thank you, my friend, for affirming your new reality. Stay in love with yourself and the world.

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